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 Yo!.... Here i am!

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Yo!.... Here i am! Empty
PostSubject: Yo!.... Here i am!   Yo!.... Here i am! I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 7:26 pm

How is it going freaks.

as a start i'm a little like a newbie here in the metal thingi. and i'm kinda limited. i know there's people who has more than 100 g.b. of metal in the hard drives. but let's focus on one thing... we don't like every thing in metal don't we...

then i'll go to my introduction.. i'm a guy who never knew the looks of his father.. and when i find him.. i'll just kill him. and i don't like to talk about it.
basically what dragged me into such music. is the:

1st: the tunes.. ( i like my music to be angry and catchy)
2nd: the people..( most of the metal head community are good people... at least)
3rd: the knowledge.. ( cuz i've been making alot of beats of rappers and shit like that since 2001 and making music on programmes and stuff. and i needed to know more about the music.)

note: when i listen to a song.. ( i listen to the guitar only... sometimes the drums.... lyrics means nothing to me.)

how did i became a guitarist: i bought a guitar after listening to lamb of god ( sacrement)

how did i became half-drummer: we bought a drum kit to my brother but he never touched it.. so i moved the kit to my room.

how i became a newbie bassist: well i don't know ... i just picked the bass and started playing.

music composition. math metal is the shit for me.. thrash... and weird timing with alot of angry riffs.

note: i can't sweep and i'm not that good on finger tapping. but if you can do the math shit i'm doing then you can judge me loooool.

and i really hope . that i start my own band someday.. but it's a little hard cuz i don't have a big place to gather the muscians in it.

and i'm a session guitarist in Dog faced corpse and i just completed the recording for two songs or their demo...

thnx for reading..

have a nice day.. see ya in live someday.

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Yo!.... Here i am!
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